Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a broad topic that I will explore. I will address the education result that teen moms end up having, and the effect of sexual education and if it results in higher or lower adolescent birth rates. The different levels and possible outcomes of education will be addressed through multiple case studies. I want to dig deeper into answering all of these questions with real life people and their experiences. I will provide facts to back up the fact that education is becoming less and less important to these women, and although our rate is declining that doesn’t stop us from still obtaining the highest percentages. Teenage pregnancy is making education look impossible and inapplicable. How will these women maintain degrees as well as fend for their children at such a young age? My first and main data point regards the education result of teen pregnancy. For teenage pregnancies, young girls are being held back from their proper deserved education. By holding them back with the responsibilities of raising a newborn, it drags their attention, time, and effort, away from building their own futures. I’m going to show statistics and percentages of education results and the levels they stop school at, and what this is showing for future generations to come. There are many different sides to the education result that these women end up receiving. There is the result in in not stopping them from becoming who they want, because their support system is strong enough to be able to fund the child, so the mother can focus on building her own future. However, this does not stop the social and personal effect that a young pregnant teen may receive. With the other side to the education result, being much a higher percentage shown in statistics, most young women lose their place in school, because they cannot handle the task of raising a new born while still building their own futures. The common level of withdrawal from school, the social aspect part to teenage pregnancy, and the education results will be conveyed. Population and increases/effects of teen pregnancy will also be revealed. What is this entitling for young girls’ futures?This link provides us with the knowledge of the negative results and effects on education of teen pregnancy for girls by access to a scholarly article written by Angela Nicoletti. This lack of education and broad advertising is promoting young girls to think heavily about if this is the future they want. It is being advertised through multiple shows and billboards and magazines. It is being haven proven effects of effecting society in negative ways. According to Economist, Phillip B. Devine, new research has proven that the decay in teen birth percentages have dropped to 5.7 % since when the shows “16 and pregnant” and “teen mom” were released. We are at a historic low for teen births and we have been continuously declining for 20 years but we still remain the highest out of five developed countries. – New Study Find MTV’s 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom Contributed to Record Decline In U.S. Teen Childbearing Rate, January 13, 2014, “Kearney and Levine show that 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom have a large and highly engaged following, win ratings wars, and lead teens to search for and tweet about the themes within.  They also find that searches and tweets about birth control and abortion spike exactly when the show is on and in locations where it is more popular. According to Professor Levine, “our use of data from Google Trends and Twitter enable us to provide some gauge of what viewers are thinking about when they watch the show. We conclude that exposure to 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom was high and that it had an influence on teens’ thinking regarding birth control and abortion.” I want to find correct and accurate statistics regarding if the actual shows that are being advertised by multiple different organizations and channels are accurate. What is this advertising to young girls growing up now? With the constant continuity and persistence of this being a normal thing, we don’t know if girls are being pulled into doing these acts or being drawn away from them. I want to look into statistics regarding the teenage pregnancy rate since these popular television shows have been dropped. Contraceptives will be introduced as a very helpful tool in preventing teenage pregnancy. The seriousness of the necessity to use these things will be noticed. This provides relief and knowledge based upon an easy way of knowing that teen pregnancy is very preventable, if you take the right actions in doing so to be preventive.There are definite possible outcomes for every young girl. My goal is to provide women with the support and advice for the struggle of teenage pregnancy. For the women who have already experienced it, I hope they can share their stories and inspire young girls to take the right lead in building their own futures. I also hope to provide support and let them know they still have an opportunity to continue with better educating themselves and making a name for themselves from their degrees and workload. For the young girls who have not had experience or knowledge with teen pregnancy, I hope to do nothing but inform them in taking the right leap in protecting themselves with contraceptive methods as well as informing them of the risks and leaps they are taking if they are not being protective and safe. Also, I hope to show them that they can better their futures with continuing education in order to become successful. I will include case studies that provide us with statistics of the rate of adolescent pregnancy by looking at Abstinence based courses taught as well as Sexual Education courses. Whether these two classes have any effect on the rates or how they contribute to young students making decisions, will be looked into. There are multiple causes and different futures for these young women. Now, let’s take a look.