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Abstinence vs. Sex Ed

Is Abstinence or safe sex the answer for teenagers? Are we doing all that is possible to continue our declining rate of adolescent pregnancy in the US? There are some decisions to be made.


Case Study Adolescent Pregnancy Rates

This Case Study reveals high pregnancy rates here in the United States and compares them to five other developed countries. The United States rates still outrank all these other countries, which leaves us curious. This case study provides us with statistics regarding some of these inclining/declining rates and some of their possible causes.

Baby or Books?


Young women all over the United States struggle with attempting to finish their college education. According to an article on, only about two-thirds of children born to teen mothers earn a high school diploma, compared to 81 percent of their peers with older parents. Only 40 percent of teen mothers finish high school. Fewer than 2 percent finish college by age 30. Managing a baby as well as books is definitely a struggle for these young women.

United States Rates Continuously Dropping

Teen-pregnancy-rates-fall_full_600 &#8211; “Rates of teen pregnancy, birth and abortion have declined dramatically in the United States since their peak in the early 1990s. In 2010, some 614,000 pregnancies occurred among teenage women aged 15–19, for a rate of 57.4 pregnancies per 1,000 women that age.” As this continues to drop, our hopes for higher education are now in the rise.

The Homeless Teen Mom


 The Homeless Teen Mom article written by Angela Nicoletti provides readers with a basic knowledge of what a young girl who decides to keep her baby is like… Well, a young girl raised in a foster home.It states that this young girl, Sierra, found going to school with a baby a lot harder than she had imagined it to be. So, she dropped out of school and received her GED. It say’s she “She currently lives in a shelter provided by a local teen family support program, and with their help has found a job in a fast-food establishment and day care for her son.” The OFS is that non-profit organization. It tries to find scholarships for low-income and homeless mothers. This article states that a significant number of young women are in Sierra’s position. “They have managed to finish high school or obtain a GED. They are working at low-paying jobs that do not provide a living wage or benefits. They are barely managing to pay rent and child care. Medical providers are often at a loss as to how to help these young women, who have demonstrated they are competent academically, responsibly caring for their children and motivated to get a better job and become financially independent.”

Education Result


“More than 50% of teen mothers never graduate from high school” states (America’s largest organization for youth volunteering)’s article. Parenthood is apparently the ultimate reason teens drop out of school and don’t finish their education. Education may possibly be becoming impossible and inapplicable according to recent studies.

US Teenage Pregnancy Revelation


According to this statistic on do’s article, there are nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies per year in the United States. However states that “The teen birth rate has declined almost continuously over the past 20 years. In 1991, the U.S. teen birth rate was 61.8 births for every 1,000 adolescent females, compared with 26.6 births for every 1,000 adolescent females in 2013. Still, the U.S. teen birth rate is higher than that of many other developed countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom.” So, we are one of the highest countries to have teen pregnancy at such a high elevation, but according to these statistics we do have a chance to keep decreasing our rates, and hopefully leaving these women with a higher chance to a better achieved education.