The Homeless Teen Mom


 The Homeless Teen Mom article written by Angela Nicoletti provides readers with a basic knowledge of what a young girl who decides to keep her baby is like… Well, a young girl raised in a foster home.It states that this young girl, Sierra, found going to school with a baby a lot harder than she had imagined it to be. So, she dropped out of school and received her GED. It say’s she “She currently lives in a shelter provided by a local teen family support program, and with their help has found a job in a fast-food establishment and day care for her son.” The OFS is that non-profit organization. It tries to find scholarships for low-income and homeless mothers. This article states that a significant number of young women are in Sierra’s position. “They have managed to finish high school or obtain a GED. They are working at low-paying jobs that do not provide a living wage or benefits. They are barely managing to pay rent and child care. Medical providers are often at a loss as to how to help these young women, who have demonstrated they are competent academically, responsibly caring for their children and motivated to get a better job and become financially independent.”


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